The Grand Tour - Welcome to My Home

Finally, the house is finished! Now to make it my home
A picture of the detailing on the side. This is my husband's door, as he usually parks on this side of the house. He loves gardening, so he was quick to start the landscaping. The plant you see here is a Desert Willow.
Two views of my front room. We also call this our "Great Room". The table is set for the open house. But look out the windows! On all sides, all you can see are trees! And this is in the high plains desert, less than two blocks from the highway. The trees also block the highway noise. All we can hear at night are the crickets.
Here is the "Harvest Kitchen" which I have always wanted. Room enough for cooking and canning, and easy to keep clean. Plenty of storage space in the kitchen, And look at the Pantry! Is it easy to see that this home was designed by a woman?
To the left is our main bedroom, which occupies the left wing of the house when you are looking at the front. It occupies most of that wing. To the right is the guest room, which occupies the end of the right wing of the house. The kitten on the bed to the right is Petaybee.
I did not show the Garden tub in our bedroom or my husband's computer room, as we didn't get good pictures of them yet. We have walk-in closets throughout and ceiling fans in every room. The space over the kitchen is a utility space which is filled with ducts for the heat pump. Thank you for coming to visit my home.

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